Storit: the Rust-Free Shower Caddy

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STORit Shower CaddyShower caddies are a must-have in any home shower. Sadly, the traditional shower caddy has a few flaws. Mildew, rust and of course the not-so-perfect suction cups are all problems homeowners have come to expect from their shower caddies over the years. A rusty caddy that won’t stay attached to the wall can be a very dangerous thing, but we accept it as a part of life. But really, we shouldn’t have to. The fact is, until now we haven’t had any other options. Luckily, STORit has been working on making a safer, rust-free, and highly durable shower caddy that stays glued to the wall.

Features and Mounting Technology

All STORit shower caddies are built to last and offer state of the art features. The caddies are made from stainless steel for strong, durable baskets that don’t rust! Unlike the traditional shower caddy, STORit caddies mount straight to your wall instead of hanging off the neck of your showerhead. Mounting straight to the wall means, you’re free to secure your caddy in whatever area, position or height is most convenient for you. A wall-mounted shower caddy also eliminates risk of dangling, slipping, swinging or the caddy coming free from the wall and sliding all the way down the neck of your showerhead.

Chances are you don’t want to be drilling holes into your bathroom tiles. Not a problem. STORit shower caddies feature a tool-less mounting system. Using a waterproof silicone glue and double-sided tape, these caddies mount seamlessly to the wall without any need for drill bits or suction cups. After performing numerous tests, STORit has determined this to be the best mounting technology available. All caddies can hold up to 20lbs of weight.

Available Models

STORit offers a shower caddie suitable for every need, including:

The 2 Tier Basket

  • Two levels of spacious baskets large enough to fit all accoutrements.
  • Hooks and space for brushes and razors.

The Corner Basket

  • The ultimate space saving caddy that can be mounted in the corner of your shower.
  • A single wide basket to hold your shower products.

The Combo Basket

  • A tall basket perfect for holding shampoo and conditioning bottles.
  • A soap basket and hooks.

The Large Basket

  • A wide, shallow basket suitable for holding many shower products.
  • Integrated hooks for brushes and loofas.

The Soap Basket

  • A smaller, space-saving basket large enough to hold a bar of soap and smaller show products.

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