Streamline your morning by keeping go-to items handy

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Beep, beep, beep: The alarm clock buzzes at the break of dawn and you peel yourself out of bed to take the first steps of your day. When it’s game-time, there’s not a moment to spare. Fumbling through cluttered drawers to find what you need isn’t an option, because every moment is critical as you try to get ready to dash out the door!

Stop, breathe and use some smart bathroom-organization tricks to streamline the morning and save time. Here’s what the experts recommend for cutting clutter and keeping must-haves close at hand.

Countertop essentials

The vanity countertop is the most convenient area for morning must-haves, but it is also a pretty small space. Keep too many items here and the clutter will quickly overtake your bathroom. The best plan is to reserve this precious space for things you use multiple times each day, such as cotton swabs, a tooth brush, makeup brushes or lotion.

HANDI Vanity Valet

Rather than lining up these essentials on the countertop’s edge, use a vanity organizer for a sleek, clean look. The HANDI Vanity Valet is a great option that is as elegant as it is useful. The upscale design includes two multi-purpose divided organizers and a dispenser that holds 8 oz. of your favorite make-up remover. You’ll have those most in-demand items within reach, so even if you can barely open your eyes you can start preparing for the day.

Drawer do’s and don’ts

After you’ve separated the essentials and you’ve decided what goes on the prized countertop space, you can then move on to filling and organizing drawers. Items you use once daily or weekly should be placed thoughtfully into drawers or medicine cabinets. This is also a great time to ditch or donate things you haven’t used in a while.

What about all those chords? Cut chord chaos and keep your morning moving by installing a Sure-Loc Hair Dryer Caddy. These awesome storage products make taming that mane manageable. Simply press, turn and lock, and the heavy-duty industrial-strength suction secures up to 15 lbs. of hair products!

These handy tools and organizational tips will keep your morning moving along like a well-oiled machine, all so you can win the morning race without skipping a beat.

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