The answer to the messy sink problem: The Trickle Tray

Posted By Better Living in Organized Bath

Trickle TraySometimes it’s hard to keep your sinks clean.  Whether it’s slimy goo from your soap bar or excess water from a used sponge, bathroom and kitchen sinks can be messy areas.

But we’ve found a solution to the messy sink problem and it’s called the Trickle Tray.  The Trickle Tray is made of a specially-grooved platform that helps with air flow when it comes to drying out soaps and sponges.  The device works as a soap dish in your bathroom or as a sponge holder in your kitchen or laundry room sink.

Although many soap and sponge holders on the market contain grooved platforms, the Trickle Tray is unique in that it hangs over your sink’s edge.   All that slimy goo and excess water then drips into your sink, eliminating the need for constant clean-up.  For example, regular soap dishes allow a soft and sticky bar of soap to sit in its own juices for days on end.  Regular sponge holders trap bacteria by not allowing the pores to dry out.  The Trickle Tray consists of a single element, meaning there is no overlapping tray that sits on top of it.  Therefore, air flow is free and unrestricted – keeping your soap and sponge elements dry and mess-free.

Your Trickle Tray should always be placed on a hard, non-porous surface.  Then point the lip of the tray into your sink to allow for drainage.  And press down on the tray’s padded circles to keep the device from moving around.  You can even place two Trickle Trays side-by-side and hang both over the sink’s edge:  One for your soap and the other for your sponge.

These Trickle Trays are not only functional, but also stylish.  They come in an assortment of colours, including grey, lime and orange.  You’re sure to find a Trickle Tray that matches your home décor perfectly.  Pick up your soap or sponge to reveal a fresh burst of colour.  Sometimes, that’s all it takes to freshen up your sink area and brighten your day!

The Trickle Tray is only $7.99 and our users have already given the device a huge thumbs-up.  So pick up one of these up for yourself, or pass one off as a gift.  For years, the messy sink problem has stumped so many of us.  But thanks to the Trickle Tray, our sinks can now be free of sticky soap bars and sopping wet sponges!