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Few rooms in the house rival the bath as a place where we stock so many necessities.  Better Living continues to provide new and innovative quality organizers that neatly store our everyday essentials with ease.  Our goal, through combining design with practicality, is to develop creative storage solutions with products that can become standard shower fixtures.

AVIVA3With more people adopting the organized lifestyle that makes their living spaces feel neat and tidy, they are also wanting their shower area to be clutter-free at all times.  The overall design trend in bathrooms is more relaxed with a modern and minimalistic spa approach to open airy spaces.  One of the main features that truly define this style in bathrooms is the rise of glass shower enclosures, opening up the shower to the bathroom. Having bottles huddled in a corner, toppling over each other on the shower floor or over edge of the bathtub is an utter eyesore that disrupts the “Less Is More” theme.

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With the threat of Global Warming lingering in the air, eco-friendly alternatives continue to be the talk of the town.  Shoppers are always looking for “green” solutions when making their purchase decisions.  By dispensing a controlled amount of liquid with each press, The DispenserTM eliminates waste and cuts the cost of squeezing huge blobs of soap from a bottle and pouring your money down the drain…literally!

Bottle MessBy offering exclusive designs and finishes, Better Living dispensers are the most beautiful solution to conquer shower bottle clutter and our models neatly store other shower accessories so that they are always within a hand’s reach.  Our brand is one that consumers easily recognize, know and trust.  The time-saving convenience that can only be provided by one of our dispensers, combined with our lifetime pump warranty, is why The DispenserTM is a must have for any shower.

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  • Elise Ackley says:

    My new dispenser is so classy and elegant. I love it!!!

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