The Pros and Cons of a Water Closet

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What’s a water closet? No, it’s not a place to hide your wetsuits and scuba-diving equipment. A water closet, also known as a “toilet room,” is a small room separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom.

There is an ongoing debate surrounding the pros and cons of a water closet. Some will say a water closet helps keep germs away from your toothbrush, but others will argue it’s better to keep an open airflow in the bathroom. Scientists have yet to conclude whether germs from the toilet can actually make you sick.

Here are some more of the arguments from both sides:

Pros of the water closet

  • Keeping the toilet in a separated room may add to the feeling of privacy in your bathroom.
  • Having a separate area for the toilet may help keep odors contained.
  • For those sharing a bathroom, a water closet allows one person to use the sink area while the other uses the shower or toilet.

Cons of the water closet

  • Some might argue that a water closet turns one small room into two even smaller rooms, adding an element of claustrophobia to the bathroom.
  • Some water closets have pocket doors, which don’t allow space for towel hooks.
  • If your water closet includes a shower, you will need two separate ventilation fans.

There really is no right or wrong answer when it comes to having a water closet. It’s all about your personal preference. What do you think? Is a water closet part of your dream bathroom?

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