The Rolls Royce of shower dispensers: The Ulti-Mate

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img3-01Soap bars, shampoos, shaving gel and razors … who can keep track of it all?!  With a seemingly endless stream of toiletries, the shower area can be a hectic place.  There are hundreds of shower organizers on the market today.  From hanging caddies to stackable trays, many options exist to help us optimize the bathing experience.

But if you’re looking for what we call the “Rolls Royce” of shower organizers and dispensers, look no further than The Ulti-Mate.

The Ulti-Mate is one of our best-sellers.  It is the most fully-featured product on the market today. This shower organizer is a luxurious, yet practical, contraption that looks fabulous in any bathroom setting.

The Ulti-Mate has three dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.  The products are dispensed with the simple push of a button.  And the pump’s pre-measure squirts out just the right of amount of liquid every time.   Each chamber can hold up to 14.5 oz of product.  And for your convenience, each dispenser already comes pre-labelled.

Also included is a soap tray with a grooved platform to allow for grip and air flow.   Five hooks are located under the tray for razors, shower puffs and whatever else you may think of.  There is a shelf along the upper ledge to store extra bottles, a comb, or even a toothbrush.  The Ulti-Mate also contains a fog-resistant mirror on the right-hand side that is perfect for shaving or tweezing eyebrows.

And as if all those features weren’t enough, the Ulti-Mate is made of durable, water-resistant ABS plastic.  Despite its sturdiness, the dispensers still come with a Lifetime warranty.  There is a 2-year warranty on all remaining parts.  The Ulti-Mate also installs easily on your bathroom wall without the use of tools.  A waterproof silicone adhesive ensures that the dispenser sticks on effectively.  2-way tape is also included for added security.

The Ulti-Mate comes in two colours:  White and Satin Nickel.  Regardless what colour you choose, this product is sure to be a showpiece – adding a touch of hotel-like luxury to any bathroom.  This organizer is perfect for couples because there is more than enough room to store both his/her toiletries.  From his shaving cream to her loofah, no more cluttered corners or rogue bottles to contend with during the bathing experience.

With the Ulti-Mate, there is a place for everything.  And everything is certainly in its place!

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