The World’s Most Expensive Soaps

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You can buy a bar of soap at practically any store for about a dollar. Other soaps cost a lot more, perhaps because their brands or that they have additional ingredients that make them more valuable. For the soaps below, even the priciest soap at your local store doesn’t come close to them . You wouldn’t believe what some people will spend on such a simple pleasures.

Expensive Soap
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Qatar Soap

A family-run soap business based in Lebanon sells a bar of soap that’s infused with gold and diamond power. The soap, named Qatar, sells for about $2,800 per bar.

The company doesn’t claim that the gold and diamonds do anything positive for the soap, but a representative says that the soap says something important about Lebanon. In Lebanon, people can find rare, handcrafted items. This expensive bar of soap is just a very popular example of what people make there.

Plank’s Cor Soap

Plank, a company that usually makes yoga products, decides to make, “Cor”, a bar soap. A bar that actually sells for $125. Why so pricey? Because Plank has chosen some very rare ingredients that makes this soap bar extra special.

Cor contains shitosan, sericin, and four types of collagen. It also contains silver, which is supposed to act as an antibacterial agent. It’s also the reason why Cor costs so much.

Critics argue that Cor doesn’t cleanse better than normal soap, but there’s always diehard yoga students who are willing to try something new that will make them feel healthier.

Tipo Morbido Shaving Soap

Italian Barber makes a line of terrific shaving products. It also makes a shaving soap called Tipo Morbido. The soap contains pretty standard ingredients like benzyl alcohol, tallow, and parfum. So why does Tipo Morbido price it at $10,000 for a 1kg soap bar?

The world’s most expensive soap doesn’t cost so much because of what it does. The price is high because of what Barber Italian wants to do. The $10,000 asking price is supposed to help fund the “Free the Children” charity.

It’s also the last piece of soap made at the company’s earlier location. It’s more than a chunk of shaving soap, it’s a part of the brand’s history that will help pay for the future.

You’ve probably never spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on one bar of soap, but what’s was the largest amount you have spent? Did the soap live up to the high expectations set by its price?

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