Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Bathroom

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The bathroom could actually be one of the most interesting rooms in your home. It’s the place many family members use to relax and unwind at the end of a long day – with a hot shower or a relaxing soak.

Things You Need For Your Bathroom

There are ways to make your bathroom much more interesting with the addition of some things you probably would never have thought belonged in the room.

Here are some ways to be creative and unique to give your bathroom a little extra “oomph:”

  1. Hang a funky shower curtain

    There are so many shower curtain designs on the market today. The one you hang could actually be the theme of the bathroom. A curtain adorned with trees could pave the way for a nature-themed room, while starfish and seahorses would be perfect for a beach theme.

  2. Sing your cares away

    You’ll be sounding like Madonna in no time after you install a Bluetooth speaker on your shower rod.

  3. Use the door

    A bathroom cabinet that attaches to the back of the bathroom door will free up wall space for some funky art pieces or a unique mirror. With space at a premium, especially in smaller bathrooms, you’ll want to use all the space you can.

  4. Keep it clog free

    Having a hair catcher in the shower will save you headaches caused by a plugged up drain. There are starfish catchers on the market that are both functional and fun!

  5. Hold the drink

    If you want to take your beer or glass of wine into the tub with you, get a glass holder that easily attaches to the inside of the tub with suction. First-rate relaxation.

  6. A forceful showerhead

    Star Wars fans will love the Darth Vader showerhead you’ve installed in the bathroom. This would be a great idea for a children’s bathroom, especially if the room has a Star Wars theme.

  7. Light it up under the lid

    Make the early morning bathroom visits easier with a motion-activated nightlight that actually fits in the bowl.

  8. Soothing smells

    Change your shower into an aromatherapy session by installing an aromatherapy kit that will diffuse essential oils right through the showerhead.

  9. Clear the view

    A squeegee will let you clear the fog away from the mirrors after a shower and also get rid of excess water in the shower stall. Better Living has a number of squeegees that will do the trick and look sleek and modern. They come in various shapes, sizes and finishes like the LINEA Luxury Shower Squeegee or the ALTO Extendable Shower Squeegee. No more unsightly watermarks using this!

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