All about tile: 3 ideas for a personalized space

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Few things can update your bathroom like new tile. And while tiling a bathroom isn’t the most glamorous of tasks, it can completely transform your space when it’s finished. These days, tile comes in all shapes, sizes, styles and colors so you can personalize your washroom to fit your tastes. Here are just a few bathroom tile ideas to add style to your space.

Focus on color

The easiest way to design your space so it aligns with your personal style is with color. Whether you’re looking for bright blues and greens or a more subdued palette of earth tones, there’s a tile for you. If you’re looking for just a splash of color without going overboard, consider getting a multi-tonal tile that has hints of the vibrant shades you want to highlight.

Play with size and shape

Whether you want small, intricate pieces of tile or a larger surface design, there are plenty of options. Tiny tile can add fine details, whereas big blocks can cover broader swaths. Make it even more interesting by choosing nontraditional shapes, such as circles or fish scales.

Spruce it up

Once you’ve finished installing your tile, it’s time to accessorize. Depending on the type of tile you’ve chosen, you have many possibilities at your fingertips. Adding a wall mirror can open up the space, while installing a wall-mounted soap dispenser can improve your bathroom’s ease of use. As for the shower, an organizer or shower caddy is all you need to pull together your tile design.

If you’re looking for more bathroom design ideas to go along with your new tile, check out the Better Living blog.

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