Tips And Upgrades To Help You Warm Up Your Chilly Bathroom

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As winter revs up, you know what that means. You’d rather stay toasty in your bed rather than get up and face your cold bathroom.

There’s no need to shiver through your middle-of-the-night bathroom trips or morning shower. Consider some of these upgrades and fixes to make time in the bath more pleasant, even when it’s subzero outside.

Window check: For anyone who lives in a northern climate, it’s an absolute must to make sure windows are properly sealed. Check inside and out for leaks and use caulk to lock out the arctic air.

Let the sun in: At the same time, natural sunlight can do a lot to warm a room, especially if you have dark-colored tile. During the day, raise the shades to let in the sun’s warming rays.

Program the heat: Invest in a smart or programmable thermostat, so the furnace will get a head start on reheating the bath and other rooms in the house before your alarm goes off at zero-dark-thirty.

Heat lamps: Installing a bathroom heater light is a super easy way to turn bath time into bask time.

Steer away from tile: When it’s time to remodel, it doesn’t have to be tile all the time. Cork is a natural material that repels mildew and mold while feeling soft and warm underfoot. Engineered wood is another warm-foot solution that resists humidity.

Keep it organized: Here’s an elegant solution to keep your towels within arm’s reach of the shower or bath. The SETTE Double Towel Stand from Better Living enhances your decor with its rust-resistant chrome construction and assembles in minutes.

Now that you know how to ward off winter’s chill in the bath, unpleasant cold wake-up calls will turn into a distant memory.

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