Tips for Grooming in the Shower

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You can save quite a bit of time by altering your morning routine: by grooming in the shower! Some prefer to groom after shower, but that is time consuming since it will take quite a while for the mirror to unfog, even with a towel, the fog comes back within seconds.

Spa Seat & Fog Free Mirror

Another down side for grooming after shower is trying to clean the hair out of the sink. That’s a hassle no one wants to deal with.

If you’re going to start grooming the shower, though, you’ll need a few tips to do it right.

Always Use a Sharp Blade

Shaving in the shower is actually a lot easier than shaving out of the shower. The warm mist from the water opens your pores, which lets the razor cut hair follicles at the deepest level without discomfort. It will also help you avoid ingrown hairs.

Even with this advantage, razor burn can happen. Using a sharp blade reduces that . You’re also less likely to cut yourself with a sharp knife. That might sound counterintuitive, but dull razors cause more injuries because they’re harder to use. A sharp blade does just what you need it to.

Have a Spa Seat for Comfort and Safety

A spa seat can make shower grooming safer and more comfortable. You can sit on the seat while shaving different areas of your body. For ladies,you can also use it as a stool when shaving your legs. It’s a lot easier to shave your legs in the shower when you can prop your leg onto something steady.

Having a sturdy spa seat is important. Have a seat while scrubbing the bottom of your feet allows you to enhance your shower experience and makes resting in the shower safe and relaxing. With a sturdy shower stool, you won’t need to put yourself in dangerous positions that could cause slips.

Use a Fog-Free Mirror

Many men shave while using a mirror in the shower, but many do not realize how fast the mirror fogs up. It’s time to make things simpler by getting a fog-free mirror! They’re very convenient! Just attach them to the wall or other part of the shower at the height you want. Many fog-free shower mirrors are modern and simplistic. It’s also easy to rinse the mirror underwater and keep it from fogging up.

This shower accessory will definitely help make sure that you don’t won’t miss any spots while shaving.

Take It Slow

Grooming in the shower might not be as easy as it sounds, so take it slow. Explore some techniques to find ones that will work well for you. There is always a learning curve, but you’ll save a lot of time in the future by following the three tips above!

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