Tips for Keeping a Clean and Fresh Smelling Bathroom

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bathroom-houzzBathrooms can often be dominated by less than favorable scents but there are many simple ways to keep it smelling fresh and inviting. Whether you are looking for daily tips for preventing odor or more permanent solutions for long-term freshness, here are some tips to help you enjoy your space without holding your nose!

1. Vent it:

Installing a vent can be a larger job than many people want – or can – undertake but it is one of the best ways of improving the atmosphere of a frequently used bathroom. Ensure the vent directs hot air outside and run the ceiling fan whenever you are taking a shower or otherwise creating a lot of humidity in the room. Keep the bathroom door and windows open whenever possible to improve air flow.

2. Go green:

Bringing plants into the bathroom is another fantastic way to improve air quality as they naturally work to purify the air at all times. Flowering plants with mild scents can help to cover up temporary smells while the plant does its magic scrubbing those unpleasant odors from the air. Many plants will thrive in a humid environment making the bathroom a great space for growing happy plants.

3. Light it up:

Keeping a candle – or wood matches – within easy reach of the toilet to light when necessary is another way to neutralize odors quickly. Air freshener can be effective as well but most of them simply try to cover up unpleasant odors instead of removing them from the air as a candle would.

4. Drain it:

Shower and bathtub drains can be one of the worst culprits when it comes to creating odors in your bathroom. Removing gunk and buildup and making sure your drains are running fast will prevent smells of mildew from building up in your space.

5. Wash it:

Wet towels and bathmats are also common culprits and should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew smells in your bathroom. Fabric shower curtains will also need to be washed often to prevent mildew while plastic shower curtains can grow mold and should be replaced if they begin to smell or show growth.

Common problem areas in the bathroom include the toilet, shower and bath, and hand basin. Toilets should be frequently cleaned inside and out to prevent odors and the floor around the toilet should be cleaned just as often. The toilet brush is another potential source of smells. The overflow section of your bathtub or sink is a common place for mold growth so be sure to spray some cleaning solution in there while washing your sink.

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  • Paula P says:

    I don’t know why but our builder didn’t put towel racks in our bathroom which isn’t the best for a fresh smelling bathroom, haha – our kids are always leaving their towels balled up on the floor and they smell like mold all the time. I read your blog as I was trying to find a way to keep the room smelling fresh from the moisture without the convenience of the rack and ended up finding the floor racks you have on your site so we got those. They’re surprisingly compact and short- definitely the perfect size for the kids.

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