Tips For Organizing Your Shower

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An attractive bathroom is an organized bathroom.

There are many items that belong in the bathroom – and if these are simply tossed into drawers and cabinets without any organization, it can make for a very cluttered space.

If you’ve already added a countertop organizer, found a place for your toothbrush and made use of an empty corner with a magazine rack – it’s time now to focus on the shower.

 Organize Your Shower

Keep your personal needs in mind when it comes to organizing the items you will need in your bath and shower space. Here are some tips to help you get organized:

Use a shower dispenser

One of the best items you can purchase for this space is a shower dispenser, which can hold your favorite liquids like shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Use a dispenser that is not only practical, but luxurious. For modern bathroom shower stalls, opt for a dispenser with a sleek, elegant design.

Hook it up

There are a host of water-resistant hooks you can quickly affix to your shower stall with either suction or tape. These hooks can hold necessary items like sponges, back scrubbers and washcloths – or perhaps a squeegee.

Use a basket or caddy

If you have more bottles in the shower than you can count with only a few fingers, a shower caddy is a perfect complement to hold all of your additional liquids, in addition to your daily dispenser washes. Find a basket or caddy that can be easily installed on any surface without tools.

Get a mirror

If you prefer to shave in the shower when your skin is moist, include a fog-free mirror that doubles as a storage area for razors.

Have a seat
If your shower stall is large enough for a sitting spot, adding a shower seat can be an attractive and luxurious item.


To keep your shower enclosure free from hard water stains, a squeegee is an essential tool. One pass of a squeegee will remove water spots, that if left alone can otherwise become unsightly and damaging to glass. It will also help to prevent mold or mildew in the shower stall and/or door.

It’s important to have a place for everything from your soaps and lotions to your squeegee. You’ve got to make the best use of the space in your bathroom whether it’s small or large – and that includes the shower area. The above tips will help you to get your shower organized.

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