Tips to Freshen and Organize Your Guest Bathroom for Holiday Visitors

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Getting ready for guests is all about anticipating their many needs, especially during the holidays. Extra cots and blankets? Check. Snacks and cold drinks? Check. One space that can always use extra attention is the guest bathroom. Before the visiting horde descends on your home for the holidays, use this checklist for preparing the guest bathroom to make everyone feel welcome and at home.
Deep clean — If your guest bathroom is anything but sparkling clean, you may not leave a great impression. Here are a few tips to get your guest bathroom extra clean for the holidays: Soak the shower head in a vinegar bath (a tied-up plastic shopping bag should do the trick), wash the shower curtain, bleach and scrub the grout, scrub any rust stains or grime from the tub basin, and finally, sponge wash the walls.
Stock the essentials out in the open — The last thing any guest wants to do is to search around for something they need — urgently! Use baskets or butlers’ trays that contain and display supplies; feminine products, bandages, bins of cotton balls, soap, room fragrance spray, etc. A ROLLO Toilet Tissue Reserve allows you to store extra rolls of toilet tissue in a beautiful way. (Also, make sure the plunger is set out; no one likes asking their host where they can find it!)
Get proactive — Having guests does not mean putting up with a messy sink and countertop. Give them a place to stash their things by offering some empty shelves, drawers or storage baskets. Also, keep those beautiful bars of guest soap from turning into mush by swapping out your soap dish and replacing it with the Trickle Tray from Better Living. By channeling excess water into the sink, soap stays neat and long-lasting. Plus, the Trickle Tray stays firmly in place with suction cups, collecting the soap mess, making those touch-up cleaning jobs much, much easier!
Getting your house in order for the holidays and your guests is a big job. With these tips for cleaning and organizing your guest bathroom, you’ll be one step closer to celebrating.

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