Tips To Keep Your Hair Tools Organized

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When it comes to hair tools, there tend to be a lot of them in the average household bathroom. Since these hair tools are generally used on a daily basis, it is all too common for them to perpetually live on your bathroom countertops. Not only does this make your look space look cluttered and leave you feeling stressed out, but it can make mornings more of a hassle. However, there is a way to keep your hair tools not only organized, but also out of the way, while still being easily accessible. Here are some tips.

Organizing Your Hair Tools

  • Get Yourself A Hair Tools Organizer

    An organizer that is specifically designed to hold hair tools means that it will not only store them in the most compact way possible, but it will also be made of a material that can handle heat. They can also be put in a very accessible place. Better Living’s SureLoc Hair Dryer Caddies will hold all of your hair tools (up to 15 pounds!) in a stylish and secure caddy that simply suctions to the back of the wall or any other space you want it. This product is particularly ideal because it will organize your space in an instant — no screws or other tools and no damage during the installation process.

  • Try Out A Hairdryer Holder

    If your hair tools only include a brush and a hairdryer (or even a small hot hair tool), a hairdryer holder would be a great option for you. These can be mounted on glass, mirrors and other surfaces and are easily accessible.

  • Utilize A Shower Caddy

    While shower caddies are typically designed to hold shower-related products, they are also versatile storage solutions that can be used to hold hair tools, especially if you don’t have too many hair tools and/or they are smaller in size.

  • Painted PVC Pipe

    If you enjoy DIY projects, one clever storage solution for hair tools is to cut a piece of a PVC pipe and then paint it. Simply store your hair tools in the opening of the PVC pipe.

  • Hang Your Hair Tools On Adhesive Hooks

    If you prefer to have your hair tools stowed away, one simple idea is to simply stick adhesive hooks in a bathroom closet or on the back of the door. This is also a great storage solution because it utilizes wall space.

Better Living has a range of quality, world-leading product designs to organize your hair tools and other bathroom products. Contact us today for more.

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