Top 13 bathroom scenes in movies

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Bathroom scenes are somewhat uncommon in film.  But when there is one, you can bet the plot will spin out into two vastly different scenarios.  Bathroom scenes can either be very humorous or quite tragic!  Below is a list of the all-time top 13 bathroom scenes.

psycho1)  American Psycho

Here’s a bathroom scene that sets the tone for the entire movie.  Despite the film’s dark plot line, there are some funny moments sprinkled throughout. In this scene, Patrick and Timothy share a “sweet” moment in the club washroom.

the-fly2)  The Fly (1986)

If there’s anyone who knows how to make us squeal, it’s certainly Canadian director David Cronenberg.  In this classic bathroom scene, Seth Brundle looks into the mirror – only to realize that his nostrils are falling off! I guess that bald patch on your cranium doesn’t seem so bad after all.

dum&dumber3) Dumb and Dumber
Jeff Daniels.  Ex-lax.  And a toilet.

Need we say more?

there'ssomethingabout4)  There’s Something About Mary (1998)

We’ve all nicked our finger with a paper cut at some point or another – so we can all relate to the pain that a seemingly small cut can trigger.  But imagine the agony Ben Stiller felt in this scene. Stiller locks himself in the bathroom as he deals with this issue!

scarface5)  Scarface (1983)

Who needs the rest of the house when you’ve got a bathroom like this one?!  Al Pacino’s gaudy décor is enough to make anyone cringe.  Although, I’m sure in the 80s this was what the nouveau riche often aspired to.   And our favourite line in this scene?  Definitely “Pelican fly!”

inception6)  Inception (2010)

Here’s a bathroom scene the ladies will love.  It features Leonardo DiCaprio in the bath – albeit with his clothes on.  In this scene, Leo gets violently tipped into a bathtub as he’s sitting on a chair.  Did that jolt him out of limbo?  Was that even a real bath?  Or just a bath within a bath?  Within a bath?

pretty-woman7)   Pretty Woman (1990)

I know, we’re cheating.  Most of this movie takes place in the rub-a-dub-tub.  But this bathroom scene is so famous because it’s through this scene that we capture the essence of the entire film.  Two people from two very different worlds are falling in love – and Julia Roberts looks great doing it every step of the way.

Austin-powers8)  Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

Here’s one of the more awkward moments that could take place in a washroom stall.  But we think Austin Powers handled it quite well, given the circumstances he had to work with.

wedding-crashes9)  Wedding Crashers (2005)

Bathroom moments can also be weird ones. Just ask Vince Vaughn! 

harold&kumar10)  Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle (2004)

“You sank my battle ….!”  A classic line from this hilarious bathroom scene that has Harold and Kumar gasping for air.

Psycho (1960)11)  Psycho (1960)

Who could forget one of the most famous shower scenes in cinema history?   Despite the scene’s seemingly simple production value, it required 78 shot set-ups and took 7 days to film.  The set was built with removable walls so that the camera could get in close from every angle.

eastern-promises12)  Eastern Promises (2007)

This scene was too graphic to show in its entirety.  But it still had people talking years later for the very violent fight that ensued.

nakedgun13)  The Naked Gun (1988)

This bathroom scene captures every telecaster’s worst nightmare:  Slipping out for a trip to the loo during a stuffy news conference for the Queen — while still fully mic’d up.  What happens next is the horrifying broadcast of a urinal beat-box solo!

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