Top 5 to-die-for bathroom vanities

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bathroom vanitiesPerhaps one of the most expensive items in the bathroom is the vanity.   Although you can purchase a mass-produced model at a big-box store for under $200, a custom-built unit can cost you thousands of dollars.

Below is a list of the top 5 to-die-for bathroom vanities and why we love them so much!

Vintage Bathroom Vanity by Etrusca

This rare vanity in white and pale pink makes good use of motif and floral designs.  The lower body panels are embossed with a whimsical, yet simple, pattern.  This custom vanity comes in pale pink, beige and grey.  Gold hardware accents, along with a vintage mirror in a matching colour, add just the right amount of luxury to this design.

Diamond Bathroom Vanity in Black by Marcal Design

Diamonds certainly are a girl’s best friend.  We love this diamond design bathroom vanity because it has texture, which many other vanities lack.  The surface also contains a slightly glossy finish that imitates the shimmer found in real diamonds.  Although this vanity also comes in white, we prefer the black one because it adds rich depth to any bathroom space.  Its clean lines and slim legs also add elegance to the overall design.

Karma 22 (Karma Collection) by Ambient Bathrooms

We love this bathroom vanity because it is bold, yet modest and serene.  The wood texture and earthy tones bring a sentiment of peace and harmony to any space.  The long curves of the porcelain sink invoke images of a boat sailing across the bay.  And the matching wood cabinetry brings Zen to even the most hectic of spaces!

Custom Bathroom Vanity by Drury Design

This vanity was custom-designed for a client in Illinois.  Most vanities contain just a sink and some storage drawers.  But this one is connected seamlessly to a make-up area with a lowered counter.The far end of this long vanity also features a linen cabinet for additional storage.

Contemporary Eclectic by Ernesto Garcia

This back-lit vanity features a crystal-like application that gives it this “rocky” texture.  The onyx and alabaster combination gives this unit a gothic glow. The chandelier sconces and floor-to-ceiling red wallpaper push the aesthetic boundaries of bathroom décor.  This vanity is certainly not meant for the faint of heart!

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