Top design tips for a new master bathroom

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contemporary-bathroomAre you building a new home or completely remodeling your existing space to incorporate a beautiful master bath? Finding the top master bathroom design tips now will help ensure a stunning outcome you’ll love for many years to come.

With such a large project, it can be beneficial to hire a professional designer and/or contractor to help analyze the space to determine the best layout. Here are some of the top tips and things to consider to get the master bath of your dreams.

1. Flow and usage
The first thing to discuss with your designer is how you realistically plan to use the master bath. Is it a retreat that will be used only a few times a week, or a place you’ll be using multiple times a day? How can the current space be designed to maximize flow and usage? How will the space influence design aesthetics? Finally, should you incorporate universal design into the project? This allows the space to work well for all ages and abilities.

2. Natural and artificial light
Lighting adds style and functionality to the master bath. Some master baths provide gorgeous natural light while others have none at all. If you would like more natural light, a skylight is a good option. Work closely with your designer so the room has a good blend of task, decorative and ambient lighting.

3. Shower/tub space
More homeowners are opting for soaking tubs or luxury shower spaces over the huge jetted baths that were popular in the past. Decide for yourself what is best for your needs and your space. Does a custom shower with steam and a rain bar make more sense than a big tub?

4. Sinks and countertop space
If you and your partner will be getting ready at the same time each day, double sinks can be beneficial. Otherwise, perhaps just one sink and expanded countertop space would be better. Analyze sink and vanity placement and decide the best option for you.

5. Storage
Eliminate clutter proactively by planning out appropriate master bath storage. From hidden pullouts to high-end organizational options, your designer should be able to provide plenty of ideas to fit your needs.

6. Luxury extras
Finally, look at the layout of the space and decide which luxury extras you’d like to add to make your master bath a true oasis within your home. Items like built-in towel warmers, in-mirror TVs (where the TV is only visible when turned on), and sound systems always add a touch of class.


2 Responses to Top design tips for a new master bathroom

  • Kelly says:

    I like the idea of ‘his and hers’ sinks but I’m not really sure if they’re cost efficient. Does anyone have any experience? I’ve seen them in a few different homes of friends of mine but I’m afraid we’ll end up with higher gas bills. Any pointers?

  • Allie says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled upon this article. We are actually in the process of installing a new master bathroom in our house, but the lighting kind of sucks (the kids have moved out so we have the time and space). I was looking into getting all sorts of lamps and conditioned lighting but I never thought about a skylight – what a great idea! It would work perfectly in our space and give us the natural light we need. Cheers!

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