Top macro and micro bathroom trends of 2015

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Two months into 2015 and there are already plenty of exciting bathroom design concepts gaining momentum. While the macro bathroom trends tend to be big eye-catching updates, they are not outdone by the subtle yet thoughtful micro updates that many people are embracing whole heartedly. Let’s take a look at what’s hot right now:

Macro bathroom design trends

Want a big change that makes a statement? Redo your tile. Statement tile is trending in bold geometric designs, rich vivid colors and intricate Spanish detailing. And it’s not just for the back splash; tile work is stunning on the floor and the ceiling as well.

For the ultimate master bath, you can’t go wrong with a free-standing soaking tub. Say goodbye to big bubbling tubs and hello to sleek designs in various shapes. These gorgeous tubs define the room’s style aesthetic while making it undeniably luxurious.

Finally, natural touches in the bathroom have never been more popular, and today’s designers are going beyond bamboo and reclaimed flooring. Vertical gardens bring nature indoors and do well in the humid bathroom environment. Just imagine floor-to-ceiling greenery behind your tub. It’ll look simply amazing!

Micro bathroom design trends

Hues of silver and gray offer endless design possibilities in bathroom spaces. A simple coat of paint paired with sleek chrome accents is trending big time. And chrome is being used for more than just the faucet, too. Vanity mirrorstoilet caddies and decor all feature this cool, clean metal.

Accessories are indeed a hot topic, particularly options that embody modern and minimalistic designs that add a chic edge to bathrooms of any size. The perfect example is the SETTE Double Towel Stand, featuring simple, bold lines in a sophisticated chrome finish.

Accent lighting is the final trend capturing designers’ attention in 2015. Sometimes the simple addition of directional lights next to the mirror or recessed lights by the tub can transform the look and functionality of the space. Check out accent-lighting options online at your local lighting retailer and you’ll see the options are virtually endless.


3 Responses to Top macro and micro bathroom trends of 2015

  • Claire says:

    Hey, thanks for this article! I was actually looking for a big change in my bathroom without having to re-do the whole thing. The tile change is an excellent idea that I don’t think would be too hard in my house. I love the pattern in the photo! This works for me. Thanks again!

  • Ruth says:

    A good friend of mine is an artist and she introduced me to accent lighting in the bathroom. It helps to create a soft glow so that you don’t look so harsh in the mirror, which is something I’ve always hated about doing my makeup in the bathroom. Its affordable, but you need a keen eye to set it up right. I highly recommend it!

  • Helen says:

    We just renovated our bathroom and I got a vanity mirror – something I’ve always wanted. It looks so beautiful and I’ve gotten many compliments on it. It’s a great investment to have in your bathroom. If you’re looking for a vanity mirror to spice up your bathroom, I’d really recommend investing in one.

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