Top Ten Products for your Bathroom

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imageBathroom products combine form and function like few other household items. These ten take both form and function to the level of an art form. All of them are available for purchase at the Better Living web store:

10. Crystal Clear Squeegee

A bathroom squeegee is a great buy, whether your shower has a door or not. Squeegees are also great for cleaning bathroom tiles.The Crystal Clear Squeegee is transparent with a contemporary look, blending in with the tile or shower door.

9. Curve Triple Dispenser

This shower dispenser is perfect. It contains three chambers, so that it functions as not only a shampoo and conditioner dispenser, but also a body wash dispenser. Its sleek design keeps it out of the way and looking great.

8. Ulti-Mate Shower Pole Caddy

This shower caddy is for the family that uses everything. Its four shelves will hold everything you need in your shower, even if every member of your family has his/her own hair products.

7. Toilet Caddy

For toilet caddies, nothing beats the original. The Toilet Caddy™ is an all-in-one toilet tissue caddy. It holds a roll for use, includes a stand for extra rolls, and storage for reading materials.

6. Valet 8 Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are more useful than their name implies. They are an invaluable aid when applying makeup. Being able to apply makeup without making little mistakes to fix not only improves your appearance, but also saves you time when getting ready.

However, vanity mirrors aren’t just useful for women. Valet 8 mirrors are also extremely useful when shaving. Their 5x magnification allows for precision shaving and facial hair trimming. Even better, their wall mounts make it easy to shave, pull your skin tight, and use a magnifying mirror all at the same time. This makes it much easier to get that “just came from a barbershop” look.

5. AVIVA Dispenser

The AVIVA Dispenser is the gold standard for hotel-like shower shampoo dispensers. The clear chambers allow you to easily check your shampoo levels, while the chrome finish gives a beautiful, professional look.

4. TouchlessSoap Dispenser

Touchless soap dispensers are an absolute must for any bathroom. A Touchless soap dispenser is neat, innovative and hygienic. They send a very hospitable and caring message to house guests. A Touchless soap dispenser is not too much more expensive than a pump dispenser, and shows much more concern for your guests. It is also a great “wow” item and a conversation starter.

3. Wave Shower Liquids

The average family of four will go through over 10 liters of shampoo a year. However, the largest size you can buy in most stores is 500 mL. Wave shower liquids are natural cleaners you can buy by the gallon, saving tons of money over time.

2. Sure-Loc Hair Dryer Caddy

Sure-Loc has by far the easiest installation of any hair dryer caddy. Its industrial strength suction cups make installation easy without a drill!

1. Ulti-MateShower Caddy

This is a brilliant combination of a shower dispenser and caddy that serves as a three-part dispenser and includes atop shelf for additional large bottles, soap basket, accessory hooks and fog-free shower mirror. It is the best space-saving dispenser product on the market, and looks great too!

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