Towel holders that don’t require tools for installation

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When you’re updating your bathroom hardware, sometimes you just want something quick and easy. At the same time, you want finishes that will look elegant and match your existing decor. The good news is that you can add quality accessories and hardware to your bathroom without pulling out the toolbox.

When it comes to towel holders, for example, all you need is a clean, flat surface, and you’re ready to go. Everything else you need comes in the box.

Here are some factors to consider when adding a new towel holder to your bathroom.

What is it made from? You want to be sure to choose a towel holder that is made from a tough material that won’t rust. ABS plastic is a great choice because it’s both durable and lightweight.

How is it installed? If your new towel holder requires tools, the installation process probably won’t be as quick and easy as you’d like. Instead, look for one that specifies “no tools required.” These simple and effective towel holders are installed using industrial-strength double-faced tape that comes included with your purchase.

Where can I hang it? A good towel holder can be hung on any clean, flat surface. Before hanging, ensure the spot you’re going to hang the holder is dry so the double-faced tape can stick securely.

Keep your towels close at hand with a stylish towel holder that will be a snap to install.

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