Trend Alert: Black Bathroom Fixtures, But Are They Practical?

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Black And White BathroomBlack and white décor makes a strong statement. This trendy color scheme hearkens back to the Art Deco era, but new fixtures and accessories are giving the black and white bathroom an ultra-modern twist.

Most bathrooms have white fixtures, which can be made contemporary by contrasting them with black tiled walls. And for an even more modern twist, black fixtures themselves are becoming very popular.

But are black fixtures practical? It all depends on your own taste and circumstances.


Black fixtures will need to be cleaned more frequently, as they show water drops, soap scum, and dust. Fixtures may not be practical if you have a large family…unless the kids are going to help clean!

Room size

Dark colours do make rooms seem smaller. For the small black and white bathroom, black fixtures are preferable to black walls. White walls, and white shower curtains, will contrast pleasingly with the black fixtures while making your bathroom feel airy. Large mirrors also make the room feel bigger. But for very small bathroom, black fixtures are not practical.


Black and white rooms are stark and powerful. They are also great to accessorize, and you can create a new theme with different colours relatively easily.

Chrome is a very popular accessory to black and white bathrooms, and currently has an ultra-modern look.

Magenta accents look great with black and white, but you can use any of your favourite colours.

Décor trends

Fashion is fickle. Nothing dates your décor more than the visual reminder of a passing trend. For many of us, avocado fixtures are a reminder of what was sophisticated in the 70s, but who would dare decorate in avocado now?

Black fixtures could date your bathroom if the trend changes. So if you’re considering embracing the new Art Deco, consider using black sparingly. For example, have a white tub with black exterior. If you consider this style, you could have a black toilet seat, but keep the white bowl matching the white sink.

Personal taste

The most important person you must consider when choosing your bathroom décor is…you! If you love the idea of black fixtures, and are prepared for their possible fall from fashion favor, then you should get back to black.

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