Trending: 6 Ways To Incorporate Matte Black Into Your Home’s Interior Design

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Black has always spelled “chic” when it comes to interior design, and matte black is the latest trend that will give your spaces that extra pizzazz.

6 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Matte Black

Here are some unique ways to incorporate this trend into your personal spaces:

  1. A focal point
    Make something the focal point in a room by painting it matte black. For instance, a crisp, clean paint colour in a bedroom really pops when your headboard is painted matte black. Add some matte black accessories like candle holders and picture frames to complete the look.
  2. A touch of bathroom class
    Matte black makes any space feel sleek and modern. An accessory like the ROLLO Hexacube Toilet Tissue Reserve is a very elegant way of keeping your powder room and bathroom stocked with toilet tissue rolls. Its matte black powder-coated finish makes it both functional and trendy.
  3. Clean and classy
    The bathroom is no place for dampness, which can cause mould and mildew. Shower stalls should be wiped clean of water after each use, and that’s where a squeegee comes in handy. And if you’ve adopted a matte black decor in your bathroom, Better Living has the ALTO Extendable Shower Squeegee with a black handle, which will fit in perfectly. It’s made of rust-proof aluminum, so it won’t tarnish.
  4. Alluring light
    Cast a romantic glow in any room with a matte black light fixture. The powdery elegance of a matte black chandelier in the dining room or even in the bedroom will surely be the focal point of the space. Add matte black knobs and hinges on your furniture and you’ve definitely created a wow factor!
  5. Charcoal cabinets
    Want your kitchen to make a clean, modern statement? Paint the cabinets and cupboards with a matte black paint. They will make any other paint colour pop. Install some matte black pot holder racks from the ceiling to complement the cupboards. The silver of your pots and pans will create a cool colour combination.
  6. Create contrast
    Change things up and be really creative with matte black. Change pieces that are traditional. If you’ve got an old piano, or any piece of furniture, that could use some new life, why not paint it an ebony matte black? Make pieces original and not what they usually are. If they stand out, so too will your creative efforts.

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