Tricks to keep your bathroom clean with minimal effort

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Does the process of keeping your bathroom clean seem daunting? Sure, a full scrub is necessary about once a month, but you can extend the cleanliness of your bathroom and reduce cleaning time tremendously by taking a few simple actions each day.

Consider these easy tricks to keep bathroom spaces clean; each takes mere minutes to complete.

Squeegee walls
Leaving water on the walls can encourage mold growth and create unsightly water marks. The simple solution? Use a squeegee to quickly wipe down the surround after every shower. If you have tall walls, an extendable squeegee is a must-have.

Circulate air
Discourage mold growth and that icky stale-bathroom smell by always using a fan when taking a shower or bath. Another option is to crack a window if you have one in the space. Circulating the air keeps the space fresh and reduces excessive moisture.

Clean commode
Despise cleaning the toilet? Who doesn’t? Fortunately, a few steps can mean less scrubbing and fewer cleanings. To quickly clean, drop denture cleaner tablets in the bowl before bed and in the morning it will sparkle. To maintain a clean bowl, some swear by placing a bottle of vinegar in the tank with a small hole that releases a bit of the cleansing liquid after each flush.

Cut clutter
Want less to clean and a more organized space? It’s time to declutter. Toss unused items and minimize clutter among the things you use most often. For example, a shower dispenser eliminates bottle overload, while vanity organizers let you keep personal hygiene products concealed and within arm’s reach.

If you’re already in the bathroom, get the most of your time by spending a minute here and there cleaning. It sounds odd, but it is really effective. For example, when bathing the kids, wipe down the floors and tidy drawers. After you ready yourself for the day, use a washrag to wipe the vanitytop and sink, then straighten the towels. A few minutes can make a dramatic difference.

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