Try These Get-Ready Hacks To Reduce Morning Stress

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Congratulations. It’s barely daybreak, and you’re ready, the kids are ready and everyone’s leaving on time. What if you could get it done, but with 92 percent less stress?

With a little organizing and planning you can build a morning system. Before long, even the youngest kids will understand what they need to do. With one word, which is 79 fewer than what you’re using now, you’ll get them back on track. That should make the morning rush much more efficient — even if you haven’t had your coffee yet.

Set it up: Shave off valuable minutes by shifting a few morning chores to the evening before. Before bedtime, check the forecast together and lay out the day’s outfits. Also, set the breakfast table, pack lunches and have backpacks ready to grab and go. If needed, get kids in the habit of writing the morning reminder on a sticky note or dry erase board.

Create a chart: A visual aid works wonders in helping young kids internalize morning tasks. Create a checklist chart with plenty of visual prompts — brush teeth, comb hair, get dressed. Before long, they’ll be zipping through their tasks more independently.

Get organized: When the bus is minutes away from arriving, the last thing you want is a kid frantically searching for a lost jacket or missing mitten. That’s why backpacks, jackets and shoes should live in one designated place with plenty of hooks and bins.

Clean up your schedule: When everyone wants a turn in the shower, that traffic jam makes the morning extra stressful. Together, create and agree upon a shower schedule so there’s plenty of time (and hot water) for everyone in the family to get squeaky clean and looking their best. Cutting the shower clutter can also save time. For example, shampoo and conditioner can stay within easy reach with a double dispenser by CLEVER. It also minimizes mess by pumping just the right amount of product into your hand!

Getting the family ready is no easy feat. With these tips, you can use the extra time to savor that cup of delicious coffee.

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