How To Turn Your Small Bathroom Into A Spacious One

Posted By Better Living in Organized Bath

Do you feel like you’re in the closet when you’re using the bathroom?

Making A Small Bathroom Look Larger

There are ways to give the illusion of space to a small bathroom. Eyes can be tricked into believing things that aren’t so. So, here are some cost-effective ways of making a big fish out of your small fry bathroom:

The lofty pedestal

Having a pedestal sink installed in your bathroom instead of one with a cabinet instantly opens up space. Pedestal sinks can be incredibly fashionable in addition to increasing your bathroom’s square footage. Baskets can be kept underneath for holding items like guest towels and washcloths.

Clear up the issue

If you replace your shower door with one of clear glass – voila! – like magic, your bathroom will appear larger. It will also make you more prudent when it comes to shower organization. Guests will be able to see everything in your shower, and so you will want everything in its place. If your budget won’t allow installation of glass doors, a clear shower curtain is the next best thing.

Go high

During shower organization, hang the curtain high! The higher, the better because the eye will be drawn up, giving the impression of extra ceiling height, which makes the room feel much bigger than it actually is. It’s a trick people use with window curtains as well.

Double duty for the door

In a small space, you’ll want to maximize every inch. The back of your bathroom door is a great place to install towel racks or hooks. If the material of the door allows, you might even want to add a small cabinet where you can store small items like hair accessories, hair products and the like.

Lighten up

The darker the space, the smaller it will appear. So, making your wee space as bright as possible will be doing it a favour. Keep heavy window coverings off any windows and let the light in. Sheer is best, or nothing at all if you can get away with it. No windows? No problem. Just get some extra light going on – lights around the vanity and bulbs with a greater wattage will solve that!

The merits of white

Keeping everything in your bathroom white is not only clean looking and modern, but imparts the feeling of spaciousness. A monochromatic tone tricks the eye into thinking everything is seamless. White is almost a non-colour and helps spaces feel airy and large.