How To Upgrade Your Bathroom For Summer

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Summer is a time of lightness and warmth, and with that comes more carefree living.

You might want your surroundings to reflect the change of season and mood with some easy-to-do upgrades, including some changes or additions to your bathroom. After all, it is the place where you wash off the old and start anew each day!

You don’t have to spend copious amounts of money to make your bathroom sparkle in summer’s new light! Changing colours or adding different accessories like a new soap dispenser may be just the thing!

Summer Upgrades For Your Bathroom

Painted perfection

A new paint colour may be just the thing your bathroom needs for a summertime spruce-up. Be daring with your colour choice. If you’ve always wanted to use a bright lime green or an orange, but have been too apprehensive to try, you might want to consider painting one wall in that colour instead of all of them. Baby steps in your bathroom may give you the courage to be more adventurous with decor in other areas of your home.

Mix and match

Not everything has to match. Use contrasting colours and textures in your bathroom to give it a whimsical appeal. Use your creativity and personality as a guide. Add a shower dispenser with sleek, clean lines like the WAVE Dispenser. Its satin nickel finish will go with anything. Or the TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser in black and chrome would be a perfect addition to any bathroom upgrade.

Out with the old

Bathrooms can be freshened up with new towels, bath mats and a colourful shower curtain if your bathroom has a shower stall that needs one. With the choice of bathroom accessories on the market today, you are sure to find a colour and design that speaks to you.

In the theme of things

Take something you really love and translate it into your bathroom decor. For instance, if you’re a film buff, hang some movie posters or accessorize with film-related items like a popcorn bowl to hold hand towels or soaps. If you love the beach, bring in some shells and sand in jars decorated with stones and beachy things.
These are little things that won’t take up too much of your precious summer time. Small tweaks can truly make a huge difference. After all, you and your family members spend a good deal of time in the bathroom, so making it a space everyone can enjoy will make you and them feel great.

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