How To Upgrade Your Office Bathroom

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Your office bathroom doesn’t have to be reminiscent of a dungeon.

Upgrading The Bathroom In Your Office

In fact, there are ways of making the office bathroom a place you and your clients don’t mind visiting at all — perhaps even a space for a few moments of meditative solitude.

Let there be light!

The first thing to brightening up a dark, dingy bathroom in any area, including the office, is to light up the space. If the room has windows, open them up to let the natural light in. If not, go to your local lighting store and pick out some really lovely light fixtures that will dress up the space.

Colour change

Nothing livens up and lifts the energy of a space like a splash of new colour. Not only can colour change and create a mood, it can alter brain waves according to scientific research. Want more motivation? Paint your office bathroom blue. Apparently, it is the colour of productivity and it also promotes relaxation. So, find that perfect shade of blue for the powder room.

A great bathroom equals a great team

It seems most offices spend very little on the bathroom, which is a shame. An office bathroom can be a great indicator of the team culture. Give the bathroom colour. Create seating areas (other than the obvious); put art on the wall; install practical things, like a shower soap holder, which could also double as a magazine holder or a planter. If you want your team to be creative, show creativity in all office spaces, including the bathroom.

A quality bathroom

Bring the office bathroom up a notch or two by adding these things. Everyone will appreciate the effort.

  • Two-ply toilet paper;
  • Purse hooks and a coat rack;
  • Full length mirror;
  • Additional products like feminine hygiene supplies and air spray;
  • Art created by you and your employees;
  • Unique light fixtures, basins, counters and faucets;
  • Plants (especially ones that purify the air).

You and your employees and possibly clients frequently use the bathroom. A bathroom that is dirty, dark and smelly does nothing to boost your corporate culture. A positive experience in an office bathroom leaves a positive impression about you and your company. Take some time and money to create a space that leaves all who enter it saying, “Wow, now that’s a great office bathroom!”

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