Upgrading your Condo Bathroom

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Renovated Condo Bathroom

Like many property owners, you’re likely reviewing your condo space to determine the benefits of a room upgrade. Starting with the bathroom area could provide the greatest value for your investment.

Bathroom renovations have been shown to offer exceptional value to condo owners across Canada, but before beginning the upgrade process, it’s important to know which features can offer the best return on investment. Within this article, we’ll focus on three tips for upgrading your condo bathroom.

1. Choose a Cool Colour Palette

When renovating your bathroom areas this summer season, you can create that ideal inviting atmosphere through a cool colour palette. Light tones of green and blue can present a calming influence within bathroom spaces. It’s important not to go with too bold a colour if you plan to sell the condo in the near future.

Work with a specialist company as part of the colour consultation process. Experts can help you match the tone of your new bathroom to your existing home and can help you ensure the area is designed for a refined appeal that will capture the attention of future buyers.

2. Update Your Shower to Enhance the Space

The shower area of your bathroom is critical to improving the value of the space. If you’re looking to make your condo bathroom appear larger, such as those in family homes, you might wish to switch your current shower stall for a frameless shower enclosure.

Frameless showers feature only glass panels and hinges, which can assure an open feel within the space. The frameless shower is also the optimal choice if you’re considering an investment in new bathroom tiles, as this will allow you to open up the space and present an optimal view of the new decorative tiles from all angles within the bathroom.

3. Integrate a Custom Vanity

One area of the bathroom space that can be affordable and simple to upgrade is the vanity space.

Within a condo building, bathrooms are usually built to all look alike. As a seller, you can maximize the value of your particular property by updating your vanity space for the ultimate in customized appeal.

Consider, for example, a wooden vanity, which lends a traditional look to a modern space. It’s also important to consider the counter top and the fixture materials. Adding a stylish granite counter top can make a significant difference to a smaller condo bathroom space.

By reviewing your market options, you can make the right choice for your condo bathroom space. There are now numerous affordable upgrades available to bring immediate and lasting value to your home. For more bathroom design inspiration ideas, check out our other posts on the Better Living blog!

3 Responses to Upgrading your Condo Bathroom

  • Fred says:

    I plan to sell my condo inside of the next year, so I’m not interested in spending too much on renovations before then. I’m thinking that adding a bit of colour would be the sort of investment that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  • Brenda says:

    I’m really feeling the suggestion of integrating a custom vanity. I’ve been considering options to mix things up since the units in my condo all pretty much look the same. A custom vanity would help me to have a one-of-a-find bathroom – at least as far as the units in my condo building are concerned.

  • R. Jones says:

    I can’t agree enough about the suggestion to consult a company that can help with choosing the right colour palette. Getting another opinion helped me to select colours that complemented the colours already in my condo. I hate to think how it would’ve turned out if I had not gone into my local big box store to speak to someone who knew what she was talking about.

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