Upgrading your Shower Cubicle

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Shower Cubicle

Bathrooms have a specific purpose, and rarely do people walk into them without knowing exactly what they want to do.

Among the most valuable aspects of any bathroom, the shower cubicle is perfect for nearly any area and does its job well while conserving space. Their tall, upright designs tend to be sleeker than a bathtub, and upgrading to a cubicle shower often gives your bathroom a modern, easily customizable look to suit your home’s aesthetics.

But after you’ve installed a cubicle, what are some modifications you can make to upgrade it?

Shower Wall Mounts

Shower organizers are great for being able to de-clutter your shower as well as adding a little bit extra style. They come in many metallic hues like dark chrome, stainless steel, and vibrant silver, while also boasting a score of different designs.

Although it may seem like a small addition, these trays, wire carriers, and mirrors are often the small touches needed to take a bathroom from ordinary to classic. Not only that, but they’re extremely simple to hang, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the cubicle and less time decorating it. They rarely ever require tools and can be placed at any height or on just about any surface in a matter of seconds, making them the perfect option for families looking to accommodate children of multiple heights.

Another way to improve the look of your shower and decrease the amount of clutter inside with mounted dispensers. Place them where you want on the wall and fill them up with whatever shampoo, conditioner, or soap you prefer. After that, it’s a simple matter of pressing a button and getting what you need.

Shower Door Decisions

For cubicle showers, there are several types of doors to choose from. Between sliding, bi-fold, and pivot, you’re easily able to customize the look of your shower. When making the decision of what to get, think about how your shower will interact with the space in your bathroom.

When choosing a material, consider what you want it to look like. If you decide to pick acrylic then you have to make sure that everything is firmly supported, as it’s the most fragile option. Glass enclosures are stronger on average, but still require a metal frame. If you’re looking for a frameless enclosure, then prepare to pay a little extra for a thicker type of glass.

Frameless doors often add a touch of class and can display any kind of tile work you’ve done without being blocked by a metal frame.


Switching out showerheads is easy. What is hard is deciding what kind will work best for you. The variety of showerheads is nearly endless; rainfall, square, handheld, ceiling… The list goes on. They are also made from various metals like brass and steel, so no matter what look you’re going for, you’ll be able to achieve it.

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower cubicle, the options are extensive. Consult with a specialist today and see what modifications you can make to upgrade your bathroom.


3 Responses to Upgrading your Shower Cubicle

  • Thomas says:

    Just finally added a shower mount to our home! It’s unbelievable how much space this saves. We now have a mounted mirror and dispenser in the bathroom space, allowing for more room and a more luxury feel.

  • David says:

    After trying a few different shower heads in the last few years, we’ve settled on a rainfall product that provides a range of spray options. I’d recommend them to anyone searching for a new shower head for their system. They’re not as expensive we thought they’d be!

  • Anna says:

    We’ve recently installed a glass door in our shower cubicle at home and found it offers a great way to enter and leave the shower space. The installation process took a while but we couldn’t be happier with the result.

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