Vintage-style bathroom inspiration

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So many of the details found in a vintage bathroom are charming; it’s no wonder so many people want to bring those qualities into their own space. Not only do these bathrooms emit a certain sense of timeless appeal, they are also known for their functionality. Here are some design ideas you can use in your bathroom to create a classic look and feel.


Coordinate your hardware

No matter which color or metal you prefer, be sure all your bathroom knobs, mirrors, frames and faucets match. A more modern vintage look will stray toward silvery tones, while a rustic vintage bathroom design will incorporate bronze. You can step it up a notch by focusing on choosing accessories that feature a brushed finish.

Focus on lighting

Setting the right mood is key to creating a vintage bathroom. All you need is something simple yet elegant, such as a pendant light. Think about installing a light that can be set on a dimmer for an ambiance that exudes classic luxury.

Ensure functionality

There are plenty of ways to make your space more efficient. Among the most practical is to find pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly useful. Take the Toilet Duo Tissue Caddy, for example. With an elegant look and compact design, this unit holds two rolls of toilet paper so you always have a spare roll when you need it.

Transforming your space into an elegant yet functional area can be fairly simple. When you implement the tips above, you’ll give your vintage-inspired bathroom a whole new atmosphere.

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