Want To Turn Your Place Into An Airbnb? Here Are 5 Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom To Wow Renters

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Travellers who utilize Airbnb are looking for clean, comfortable and up-to-date accommodations. So, if your bathroom is in need of some TLC (tender love and care) to make it guest-friendly, there are some things you can do to freshen it up.

Wowing Airbnb Renters With These 5 Bathroom Upgrades

Airbnb is an online service that links travellers with homeowners who rent out their homes to them. Accommodation costs are set by homeowners while Airbnb gets a percentage of service fees from guests and hosts. It has become increasingly popular in the last couple years.

Here are a few ways to freshen up an underwhelming feeling bathroom to make your Airbnb guests feel as though they’re staying at a top-notch place:

  1. Use the unusual

    Be unique and interesting in your space. Instead of replacing a bathroom vanity with another conventional vanity, scour secondhand shops or flea markets to find an old dresser you can turn into a vanity – or any other piece you think might make a terrific focal point.

  2. Change hardware and accessories

    Change cupboard pulls and drawer knobs. And add some pretty accessories. A slimy bar of soap on the sink won’t be appealing to guests. But a modern soap dispenser would look sleek and also be more sanitary, especially with a Touchless Dispenser. Better Living has dispensers to fit any decor. The Signature 3 chamber shower dispenser with its satin nickel finish is an elegant organization solution and your guests will love dispensing soap or shampoo at the quick press of a button.

  3. Change the colour and/or theme

    A colour change is the easiest and one of the most cost-efficient ways of brightening up a room, including the bathroom. Swapping tired items with new ones like new faucets and towel racks will make your bathroom sparkle again.

  4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Make the mirrors stand out. You can put tile around them, put them in an antique picture frame or upcycle other things like a ship’s wheel by adding a mirror inside it. Guests would also appreciate the addition of a vanity mirror like the ones offered at Better Living. The Cosmo or Valet mirrors are great for applying makeup and/or shaving because they magnify by 5 times.

  5. Use unconventional lighting

    Make your bathroom unusual, distinctive and appealing by the addition of different lighting. A chandelier could create a soft glow for a relaxing soak in the tub or up the ante and turn the switch up for more light when using the mirror.

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