What are STORit products and what are their advantages?

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STORit Shower CaddySTORit is a line of shower caddies and baskets. They offer many advantages over other lines of shower accessories. Among these advantages are:

1.More mounting options.
While most shower caddies must be hung on the shower head, STORit products do not.  Instead, they can be mounted anywhere with a unique and patented bracket system.

The bracket system works by permanently adhering a bracket to your shower wall using STORit’s waterproof silicone-based adhesive (included with purchase of any STORit product). Once the adhesive has dried, you can hang your STORit product on it and you’re ready to go.

2.They look better
Let’s face it: shower caddies that hang from shower heads look cheap. They look like sale rack last minute additions to your bathroom design. As for traditional suction cup mounted accessories, well, they look even cheaper. Instead of from the sale rack, they look like they’re from the dollar store.

STORit products are different. The bracket is completely hidden by the shower caddy. As a result, STORit products are indistinguishable from custom-installed permanent shower accessories. They look exactly as if they were part of a wider renovation plan.

In fact, STORit products are designed specifically to work with any standard bathroom theme, to give the impression of a unified plan. Their stainless steel finish works with virtually any colour scheme. They also have a bit of stylistic panache, bringing a little beauty as well as functionality. This makes them look much more expensive than they actually are. It also adds to the illusion that they are permanent fixtures installed during renovations.

3.Inexpensive but not cheap
STORit products cost a lot less than most permanent install shower accessories.  A LOT less.Generally, you will pay about 1/3rd the cost of a STORit product that you would pay for a standard permanent bathroom accessory.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are cheap. STORit products still cost $20-$50, more than you would pay for a suction cup accessory or a shower head hanger. But, this money isn’t wasted. It goes into better stainless steel material, so your accessory lasts longer without cracking and rusting. In most cases, STORit and other medium-price shower accessories actually save you money over the long run, because you can go longer without replacing it.

4.Easier to Clean
Unlike permanently mounted bathroom accessories, STORit products can be easily taken down from their brackets for cleaning.  This is great because it prevents gunk from building up behind the accessory.  Because of this, a STORit product actually often looks nicer than a standard permanent bathroom accessory.

STORit is a very strong product line. All their pieces are trendy, useful, and reasonably priced. They are a fantastic value for consumers of any income level.

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