What’s New at Better Living?

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Better Living is on a constant quest to be a one-stop shop for every accessory, in every look, for every bathroom, for any customer. Ambitious? Perhaps, but it’s going great so far.

We are rolling out new products all the time. What’s new right now?



STORit 2 Tier Basket

The STORit line is designed with two goals in mind: 1) make bathroom accessories that mount firmly and permanently to any wall and 2) make accessories that require no tools whatsoever to install.

Were these aims contradictory? Well, our engineers didn’t think so! The eggheads came up with a unique, high-strength, tool-free mounting system. Here is how it works:

  1. Remove bracket from the basket
  2. Apply a wavy bead of silicone (included)
  3. Peel off tape tabs to expose our pre-applied, double-faced tape
  4. Stick the bracket onto the wall
  5. After 24 hours, snap your accessory onto the bracket






You’re done! That is all it takes for a lasting mount. Even better, your accessories can easily snap off their mounting brackets for cleaning. Because most of the mounting brackets are compatible, you can also rearrange your accessories by putting them on different brackets. It really is the best of both worlds.

STORit brackets can safely hold bigbottles of shower liquids. We have different options for baskets, including corner baskets, two tier baskets, and combination shower liquid/soap baskets.


Spa Seat

This isn’t just a shower seat. It’s a spa seat. It is designed to be as comfortable and convenient as possible. It is a comfortable, safe, great little seat to sit on while shaving your legs or washing your feet.

We used a minimal design to make cleaning as easy as possible. Like all our products, we want you to have to do as little cleaning or maintenance as possible.

The Shower Mirror

This product is for men of taste and distinction, men who want the absolute best. These men know that if they shave outside of the shower, their pores will begin to contract, so they can’t get a nice clean shave.

The Shower Mirror gives you the perfect shave. It contains a hook to hold a standard razor, tilts up to give you the perfect angle, and is fog-resistant. If a little bit of fog manages to develop, it can be detached with ease for a quick rinse.




We’re into squeegees in a big way. They’re such a convenient way to keep your bathroom clean, without having to scrub it once every few weeks. Everyone should have one.

We love squeegees so much that we’ve made four different varieties to choose from. Our classic squeegee is an attractive, ergonomic, high-quality product with a chrome finish. However, we know that won’t work for every person and every bathroom, so we have introduced:

  • The Extendable Squeegee- for hard-to-reach places
  • The Deluxe Squeegee- with a classy stainless steel handle and holder
  • Crystal Clear Squeegee- blends right in with a clear durable acrylic handle

There is always something exciting happening at Better Living; so be sure to check back soon!

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