Where to find Soap Dispenser Replacement Parts

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Planned obsolescence is an unscrupulous practice that is, unfortunately, all too common in lots of industries – from high-tech smartphones to bathroom dispensers.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it, or at least observed its effects before. When a product is designed to work well for only a limited time before either failing or becoming out-dated, that is planned obsolescence. Some companies design their products this way to trick consumers into buying more products than they need. If they are successful, every time your product breaks or wears out, you will be back to buy the new version.

Intentionally making products difficult to repair is another tactic of planned obsolescence, because there is more money to be made from selling you an entirely new product than selling only the part that needs fixing.

Sadly, planned obsolescence is common among our competitors. However, we at Better Living take a different approach to product designs.
Soap Dispenser

  • Built to last

We want our dispensers to give you years and years of reliable service, so we design them to do just that. Instead of hoodwinking you into buying new versions of the same single item, we want you to be confident in the products you buy from us the first time around!

  • Environmentally sound

If 95% of a product is in perfect shape, why should the whole thing go to the landfill just because 5% is broken? Since we design our dispensers to be long lasting and easy-to-repair, we can avoid the needless waste of throwing out past versions again and again. The fewer of our dispensers in landfills, the better!

  • Full array of replacement parts
  • Types Of Soap Dispenser

If a part ever does wear out, we make it easy to fix just what needs to be fixed. This is why we carry a full selection of replacement parts for all of our dispensers.

  • Standardization

In order to make it even easier to fix the dispenser you already have (instead of having to buy a whole new one) we design our products to use as many standardized interchangeable parts as possible. We maintain these standards so that it is simple and easy to find the right part, no matter how old or new your dispenser is.

  • Ease of repair

Some gadgets are nearly impossible to repair without a ton of expensive specialty tools. But not ours – Our dispensers are designed to be easy to disassemble and repair by hand.

  • We’re here to help

We don’t want you to feel like you have to go at it alone. If you are having trouble diagnosing a problem with your dispenser, our staff is ready to help you figure out exactly what part you need, and walk you through the repair with ease.
Soap Dispenser Repairs

3 Responses to Where to find Soap Dispenser Replacement Parts

  • B. Baverstock says:

    We have an “Ulti-mate shower Organizer dispenser with 3 bottles and a mirrior. We bought it a few years ago and now we need to replace the bottles in it—- Can you help? Is it under lifetime warranty?

  • Chuck says:

    I like that these dispensers are easy to fix and don’t cause a lot of unnecessary waste. I was tired of throwing out plastic soap bottles all the time and wanted something more environmentally sound so now I just get soap in bulk and keep in the dispenser. Less $$ and less waste.

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