Which toilet paper is the best?

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Toilet Paper Rolls

Did you know the average American uses nearly 21,000 sheets of toilet paper a year? That adds up to a lot of money going right down the drain— unless you’re buying the best brands.

Faced with a dizzying array of options, many people are brand-loyal, oftentimes out of simple habit. After all, an entire aisle stocked with different toilet-paper options can be overwhelming, and it’s easier to reach for that familiar, dependable brand.

It turns out big brands aren’t always the best, though, and switching can add some cash to your wallet without sacrificing quality or performance. Here’s the low-down on what we consider to be the best toilet paper options around:

The generic champion
If you skip over generics because you equate them with poor quality, it’s time to think again. Walmart’s White Cloud scored excellent for strength, softness and disintegration, according to Consumer Reports — the only toilet paper to do so. Plus, its lower cost leaves you with more money for the rest of your grocery list.

The mega-strong winner
Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Rolls are a great two-ply option that live up to their name, boasting superior strength even when wet. What you’ll really love about these mega rolls are their mega size, as you’ll need to replace them less often. This is great news for folks in those busy households where a certain someone keeps forgetting to replace the empty roll.

The extra-soft leader
Scott Extra Soft delivers on its promise, offering a pliable softness that is oh-so touchable. If you like your toilet paper to be as gentle as possible when you’re handling your business, this is the option for you. Additionally, this one-ply option comes with 470 sheets per roll.

The solid contender
Target Premium Ultra toilet paper is a solid two-ply contender in the toilet paper landscape. Its noteworthy quality comes at a lower cost than others, so you can reach for it at the store (and in your bathroom) with confidence.

What toilet paper brand do you use and why? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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