Why Parents Are Ditching The Bristle Brush For The Toilet Squeegee!

Posted By Better Living in Organized Bath

Parents are always on the lookout for new tools and tips to make everyday tasks easier. Here’s something new that makes the chore of toilet cleaning much easier and more hygienic for everyone: The LOOEEZ Hygienic Toilet Squeegee from Better Living.

This design ditches the traditional bristle brush (which bits of toilet paper, along with dirt and germs, can easily cling to) and opts for a 6 blade helix head made entirely of antimicrobial rubber. Zeomic, a safe silver-based additive inhibits the growth of bacteria and eliminates odors caused by germs. Not only will it power through your toughest cleaning jobs, it’s easier to clean and eliminates messy drips.

In fact, parents across North America, who have been using the LOOEEZ Hygienic Toilet Squeegee in their own homes, recently granted it the Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) Seal of Approval. These are just a few things parent testers love about LOOEEZ:

Hygienic: When you’re done scrubbing out the toilet, the brush needs cleaning, too. Traditional ways of cleaning a bristle brush just don’t work for parents of young children. You could pour a bit of bleach into the holder, but that’s a hazard in a house with small kids. Also, allowing it to dry while balancing on the toilet seat just isn’t going to work. (Ever try convincing a toddler not to grab on to something that’s in easy reach … and not to play with it?)
LOOEEZ allows you to say goodbye to harsh chemicals because the entire unit is antimicrobial. You can clean it right in the toilet and put it away — with no foul dripping, and no mess.

Powerful Blade Design: LOOEEZ’s 6 blade helix head easily swipes dirt away with a single pass, allowing busy parents to finish this chore much faster and with less scrubbing. One parent said LOOEEZ powered right through what they thought were permanent stains inside the toilet bowl.

Easy Reaching: LOOEEZ effortlessly swipes the curved surface of your toilet bowl. The flexible blades easily clean under the rim and other hard to reach areas.

Quick Drying: Reviewers boasted that they were not splashed while cleaning with LOOEEZ, and that it dried almost instantly when the task was complete.

Sustainable: Traditional toilet brush bristles have a lot of surface area where nasty germs can transfer during the cleaning process. That forces clean-minded parents to replace their brushes every couple of months or even opt for wasteful disposables. LOOEEZ is fast-drying, easy to clean and made with durable materials. Backed by a five-year warranty, this is a cleaning tool you can feel good about keeping in the bathroom.

LOOEEZ is the hygienic solution for a clean toilet bowl that also saves you time and effort. Forget scrubbing, make your life a little easier and swipe your toilet clean with LOOEEZ.