You’ve renovated your bathroom, so why do you still have the same accessories?

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For being such a small room, the bathroom takes up a large chunk of that. It is important to choose the right accessories for your bath and shower. Function is the main purpose of organizational solutions, so select items that will reduce clutter and save space, but be sure to go with products that are stylish and easy to install.

The Weakest Link

An unfortunate truth about interior design is that one bad element can ruin the whole. You can use a faux granite countertop, a $2000 craft faucet, a raised glass sink, and a steam shower to get that upscale hotel look, but if you have a suction cup shower basket or a plastic toilet caddy it will ruin your entire motif.

The first reason to buy quality accessories is to control this kind of damage. You want accessories that are high-quality, mount to the wall in a professional way, are resistant to rust and water damage, and that look beautiful. This will prevent your accessories from ruining your bathroom’s look.


Twist N Lock Shower CaddiesHowever, there is also a positive side to picking out bathroom accessories. Instead of just doing damage control, you can use accessories to complement and improve your renovated bathroom!

Most bathroom accessories come in shiny chrome finish, like the Twist N Lock shower caddies. This is because shiny chrome works with most styles and color schemes. However, there are other options.


STORitStainless Steel Shower BasketsStainless steel accessories are common in hotels because they look ultra-modern and hide water stains well. If you are looking for a hotel-chic look for your bathroom, our stainless steel STORit shower baskets can help you get there.


Signature Dispensers in Satin NickelSatin nickel finish accessories have a light golden hue with an elegant sheen. Our Signature Dispensers in Satin Nickel provide a great classic look to a bathroom. If your bathroom renovations made your bathroom into a palace, satin nickel accessories add yet another touch of Versailles.


Richwood Toilet CaddiesOil-rubbed bronze is an up-and-coming look. Unlike other finishes, it looks very dark, almost like cast iron. This is a very popular finish among interior designers in Europe. If you want your bathroom to look classy, sophisticated, and minimalist, choose the Toilet Caddy in oil-rubbed bronze.

Wood accessories come in a variety of finishes. There is nothing that says “expert interior designer” quite like wooden accessories that match the finish of your bathroom cabinetry. Dark Espresso or Light Bamboo, our Richwood Toilet Caddies are for you!


The function of your bathroom accessories also makes a statement. Anti-fog mirrors show a man’s commitment to grooming and standards. They are a good way to impress your wife or girlfriend with the perfect shave. Automatic soap dispensers show your commitment to your bathroom property, your hospitality towards guests, and your commitment to cleanliness.

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