Your most awkward workplace bathroom moments

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Workplace bathrooms can be a great place for awkward encounters, but don’t let that keep you from seeing the humor in those sometimes embarrassing situations. After all, these painfully awkward situations happen to the best of us when we have to get up close and personal with our colleagues, boss or even the head of the company.

Source: DesignTAXI

Source: DesignTAXI

Here are some of the awkward moments you may have encountered:

  • Checking to see if a stall is free and accidentally making eye contact with your boss’ boss.
  • Stepping into the only free stall only to find out that it doesn’t lock.
  • Walking into the bathroom with a co-worker and they continue to carry on a conversation while doing their business.
  • Listening to the crunch of someone eating chips in the stall next door.
  • Bringing your phone into the bathroom and accidentally spending a suspicious amount of time on the toilet.
  • When you think you’re alone but someone comes in and catches you checking yourself out in the mirror.
  • Not being able to decide on a stall: first, last or middle?
  • Running out of toilet paper and not having anyone come to your rescue.
  • Accidentally dropping something into your neighbor’s stall. “Hey can you grab that for me?”
  • When a co-worker tries to start a conversation with you because they recognize your shoes.
  • Seeing or hearing people leave without washing their hands.

What other awkward bathroom moments have you experienced?

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